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We have recently updated our website to the latest version of SiteManager, which has changed the look of the website.  At the same time we've added some pages and eliminated others, but the important resources are all still available, and maybe even a little bit easier now to find.

This is one of the New Pages, that will have current information, and a list of the latest additions to the site.  You can simply check here to see what's new since your last visit.  We'll try our best to keep it up to date.

All of our completed Bible Study Series are available without cost, they are accessible for immediate listening on the "Audio Bible Studies" page, or they are available for download on the Audio Downloads Library page.  

Our current series is on the book of Romans.


As you can see we have not posted any new bible studies on the site for quite some time.  Some may be wondering if I am sick, or have retired, or died, or just given up.  The answer to all of these is absolutely not!  The simple fact is that I have always been, and still remain, a bi-vocational preacher and teacher, and suddenly I have more work than I can possibly handle and keep up the bible studies as well.  This is both a blessing and a burden, but it's surely very nice to have some income again after a long dry spell.  I must handle my current workload, and then I will resume the bible study exactly where we've left off.  Thank you all for your patience and support.  I'll keep you posted on the anticipated time of resumption of the current Romans Bible Study.  As of this date 03/10/14, I am still very busy with my work, and I believe I will be so for several more months.  Thanks again for your patience.


Lesson #31 has been posted on the website.  With this lesson we've completed chapter 9.  We've taught it exactly as it presents itself, regardless of the difficulties it might have caused us to accept it.  I hope you found it informative, reassuring, and above all God honoring.  God Bless all of you who listen to our bible studies.

More and more of the well known and respected preachers and teachers that I listen to seem to sense that the tide is changing in our country, and things are not going to remain as they've been as we grew up.  There has always been a hostility toward Christians by unbelievers, but our Constitution has afforded all of us equal rights of faith, speech, and beliefs.  But this is changing rapidly, and the Constitution is being redefined to mean exactly the opposite of what it always has, at least while we were growing up in this country.  Simply having a different point of view, particularily a Christian one, is now called "hate."  The freedoms of beliefs and expression that we have always known are being exponentially eradicated, by the well practiced art of clever deception and redefinition.  Therefore I urge everyone to enjoy your freedom of speech, and use it freely, because I fear that the days when we can do so are coming to an end.  But our treasure is not of this earthly realm, or is it?  If there ever was a time to examine ourselves to see if we truly are "in the faith" it might be right now. (2Cor 13:5)    

All of those who know this ministry firsthand, know that no one here ever takes any kind of salary or compensation for our work, so our reward is seeing the people of God benefit from our efforts.  May God bless every one of you who visits our site and listens to our Bible Studies.  We always welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions.  To Him alone be all the glory.


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Romans Bible Study Lesson #31 has been posted on website 07/05/13.

Romans Bible Study Lesson #30 has been posted on website 06/11/13.



All audios in this library are in the MP3 format and may be easily downloaded onto your own computer.  They will play on an iPod, or most any other MP3 players, on your smartphones, or on the computer itself at your convenience.  All of these audios are entirely free of charge and may be downloaded and kept by whomever pleases.  You may give them to others, play them in whole or in part for groups, or use them for Bible Studies, but we ask that they not be selectively altered or edited, or intentionally used outside of their original context.  Thank You.


Great News - We've now got All of our recorded Audio Teachings uploaded onto the site in MP3 format on the "Audio Downloads Library" page.  You can either download the lessons, or you can click on any title and play it immediately on your computer.  Please feel free to download these lessons and use them freely.  (Within above stated restrictions)  We give you permission to play them at Bible Studies or quote from them in your own teachings.